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Birthing my drum

On 31st October 2014 I birthed my very own drum. It was an amazing experience and I did not expect how emotional I would feel either.

We cleansed our items to make the drum, the hide, wood frame and material for beaters. We were taken through step by step how to make the drum. It was very relaxing concentrating on making something. It wadrums also good to keep your mind from wandering and thinking about every day things or things you need to do, or any worries. Once you came to the ending of tying through the last piece of lace and cutting the long bit off, we all said ”Happy Birthday” as our drums were birthed! We went on to make our beaters afterwards, which was also very relaxing as you are concentrating on it.

After we had all made our drums, we were taken on a journey to meet the spirit of them. We laid back with our drum on our hearts and our beaters in our hands. Our teachers played their drums, drumming us on a journey. I met the spirit of my drum, a beautiful stag who said he was hear to help me through my journey and he will always be here with me now. He said he loved me and I truly did feel that love and I felt love for him. I truly love my drum. I did not expect these feelings or how emotional I got meeting the spirit of my drum, but it was amazing.

I would not be without my drum now and I would highly recommend making your own drum. You have a deep connection with it, making it yourself and connecting to the spirit of the animal you have made live on in a drum. The spirit of the animal will live on, making music, helping to heal and bring joy.

Here is a poem I have written about my drum:

Hail to my drum, the heart beat of the earth
It helps me to heal and it helps me to connect
Connect me to all things, but importantly to myself
Deep within I go to discover who I am

Hail to my drum, the shamans horse
It helps me to journey, travelling deep within myself
I let go of things that no longer serve me
Helping me to heal and to be free and to be happy

Hail to my drum, thank you for connecting

Hail to my drum, and I love you deeply

Thank you for reading and I hope you all will find the wonderful connection and healing a drum can give you.

Brightest Blessings
Charleen x

Earth’s Wisdom ~ Let Nature Guide You

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Power Animals are spirit guides. They are here to help you on your path and when you are in need. Some people have one and others have a few. Some animals will be with you for your life and some will come and go depending on what you need at that panthermoment.

I first did a meditation a couple of years ago now to meet my Power Animal. I did not know what to expect but went with it. I met a beautiful Pantha named Shira and she will be with me all of my life. When I do other meditations she will normally pop up, just to accompany me or to give me a message. She is very comforting.

I have done other meditations as well and other animals have come to me. I have had Owls, a Stag (which keeps appearing) and most recently a Wolf. I believe that they are not going to be with me always but are here for now when I need them. They give me messages which resonate with me at the time and I have also looked them up in Power Animal books to see what they mean. One book I do love is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

Here is a meditation to meet your Power Animal.

Put on a drumming CD or if not some relaxing music you can meditate to. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine roots are growing down from your feet and going deep into the earth, grounding you. Draw up the energy from the earth up into your roots through your body, up out of your head and let the energy tumble down around you protecting you.

power animalsImagine you are in a forest clearing and there is a big Oak tree in front of you. There is an opening in the tree and you walk towards it. You decide you would like to enter and follow a dark earthy path, spiraling down deep into the earth. You then see light, which gets brighter and brighter. You step through the light into a beautiful meadow. What do you see? Have a look round and do a bit of exploring.

You then see a circle of stones. You decide that you would like to enter it and so you do. You go to the middle and sit down. Closing your eyes, you feel the energy of the stones and the circle. You then ask ‘Power Animal please show yourself to me so I know who you are and can connect with you’. You wait. You then sense something coming into the circle. Some one speaks ‘Open your eyes dear one’. You open your eyes and in front of you is your Power Animal. You say hello, ask them questions such as what is your name, do you have a message etc. Be with your Power Animal for as long as you like.

Once you have finished, thank them and say goodbye. Make your way back the way you came, back up into the Oak tree, into the forest clearing. Breathe deeply and open your eyes when you are ready. Write down your experience.

I hope you have enjoyed this mediation. I would love to know how you have got on and what Animals came to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at earths-wisdom@hotmail.co.uk and  I will be happy to help. If you would like more information on Power Animals then I would recommend the Animal Speak book by Ted Andrews which you can purchase HERE.

animal speak

Brightest Blessings

Charleen xx

Earth’s Wisdom ~ Let Nature Guide You



I have just had the most amazing meditation! Why was it amazing? Because I have just met a spirit guide!!

Spirit guides are here to help us on our paths, to help us through good and bad times and to help us with specific areas in our lives. We all have a spirit guides and probably more than one. They will show up when you least expect it, just like this one I have just had!

I decided to do a meditation and thought I’d just listen to some drumming music. I first cleansed myself with some sage and sat down and started listening to the drumming. I was at a clearing in a forest with a great big Oak Tree. I went through a hole in the Oak Tree and NATIVE AMERICAN CARD 2travelled deep down into the ground. I came to a doorway which I went through and I found myself in a beautiful crystal cave. In the centre of the cave was a kind of bird bath with water in it. I approached it and heard someone say look into it. I turned around and saw a old Native American Indian. I asked who he was and he said take a look in the pool first. So I took a look and I saw myself as a Native American. He said that is you, you in a past life, your name Song Bird Hawk Woman. He then told me his name was White Cloud and he was here to guide me on my Shamanic path. He said I have done some healing this year and I am on the right path. He is here to help me on this path and I should call on him when ever I need him.

There was a bit more to the meditation but you get the gist! I was not expecting to meet any guides when doing my meditation and maybe that is why one appeared, I do not know.

Would you like to meet a Spirit Guide? Try following the meditation below:

Cleanse yourself with some sage if you can, sit down or lie down and relax, put on some calming music. Set your intention to meet a Spirit Guide.

Imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet, growing deep into the ground and finding a big rock to wrap themselves around. Breathe in the golden light of the core of the earth, up into your roots, up in to your feet, up through your entire body and exploding out the top of your head tumbling down you. Then imagine a white light from above you coming down into your head, right though your body, out of the soles of your feet, into the roots, into the ground.

Take a few deep breaths and imagine you are in a forest clearing. Look around you what do you see? There is a big Oak Tree in the distance, you decide to walk towards it. When you get nearer you see a big hole in the trunk, like a doorway. You enter it and travel deep down into the ground. Going deeper and deeper until you see a light. You go towards the light and enter it. Once you have gone through the light you find your self in a beautiful crystal cave. Look around what do you see? Have a good look around. Once you have had a look round you sense someone is there. You turn round and there is someone standing there. It is a Spirit Guide. You ask them who they are and have a long conversation with them. Ask them their name, what are they there to help you with, do they have any messages for you? Once you have finished talking to them, they give you a gift. You say thank you and good bye and make your way back through the doorway you entered, up the path to take you back to the forest clearing. Up and up you go and come back through the Oak Tree in to the clearing. Take a few deep breaths and come back to the room.

spirit guidesWrite down your experiences. What gift did you get? What does it mean to you?

Remember you can always do this meditation again and always talk to your Spirit Guides.

I hope you enjoyed this meditation and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at earths-wisdom@hotmail.co.uk.

Brightess Blessings

Charleen xx


Cleansing with Sage

From time to time we all need to cleanse ourselves of negativity. Now many people probably don’t do this, but I try to do it regularly.  Just like we all clean ourselves with a shower or bath, we should really try to cleanse negativity away too. We pick this up from the environment, people we have been around or TV and we probably don’t even know it. We feel sluggish, negative, down, in a bad smudging 2mood and this all can come from these things. People can drain you, if they are constantly moaning or negative towards you, you may feel you start to feel all these things and it can get you down. So we need to really try and cleanse our minds, bodies, spirits and auras regularly, to help keep positive. There are various ways of doing this such as visualisations when showering or bathing, meditation, but the way I do this and the way I really like is using sage.

The ritual burning of sage is most commonly known from Native Americans, but many other cultures use it as well. Sage is very healing and calming and makes you feel at peace. I use White Californian Sage but you can use other types.  Use what you prefer or mix it up a little, whatever you choose is right for you and will do the job! Many people may do this different ways, but this is how I cleanse myself and my rooms. You can use this as a guide and then adapt how you see fit or what feels right for you. There is no ”right” way.

To start with, ground yourself. You can do this by closing your eyes and breathing in deeply and as you exhale, imagine roots growing down from your feet deep into the ground. Breath deeply and visualise this a couple of times. Breath in deeply and imagine gold light or whatever colour that comes to you coming up the roots into your feet and up your entire body exploding from the top of your head and tumbling down you. Then with the next in breath imagine a white light coming down from above into your head and go through you, through your feet deep into the ground. You are now grounded.

smudgingTake  your sage and light it. Blow out the flame so it is smoking (When burning the sage, make sure it is in a heat proof dish). Ask Grandfather Sage to cleanse you of all negativity, mind, body and spirit. With your hand or large feather, wave the smoke over you. Go from your feet upwards, making sure it covers you and your aura around you. Doing the best you can. Breathing in the wonderful scent as well. You should feel a deep relief and calming feeling once done. Thank Grandfather Sage.

Once you have cleansed yourself, you can cleanse your home. Ask Grandfather Sage to cleanse your home from all negativity. Then just wave the smoke around the room, up and down, getting into corners. Once you are done, thank Grandfather Sage.

As I said you do not have to do it like this, but it gives you a starting point if you haven’t done it before or just want a little guidance. I hope you find it useful and I hope you do start to enjoy the wonderful healing and cleansing power of Sage. If you do have any questions please contact me at earths-wisdom@hotmail.co.uk or just comment below.

Happy Cleansing!

Charleen xx


The Calling

Wow! I have just been on a wonderful healing weekend. Special teachers Ed McGaa Eagle Man, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate Peters and Olaf Nixon.

Learning the wisdom and knowledge from a native american and highland seer was wonderful. Throughout the weekend we were in ceremony, opening the ceremony with drumming and singing.

Then meditation with the faeries and connecting to them. Meeting my own faerie guardian who was a gnome called Grump! Which I will explore more into and will let you all know more!

Then a sweat lodge late in the evening, lasting for a couple of hours. This was a healing sweat lodge, releasing our fears and letting go ofthe calling weekend june 2013 past hurts. The sweat lodge represents the earth mothers womb, comforting and coming out reborn. I felt safe and peaceful in there and could have spent all night there. Once I came out I felt peaceful, relaxed and tired. Preparing me for a really good sleep, however it was then up the hill getting into my sleeping bag on a vision quest. I was extremely tired so I fell asleep in the great outdoors sharing the hill with sheep and other animals which may have been there. We stayed out on the hill till 4.30 in the morning, something I have never done before, but it was an experience!

The next day came and it was more drumming and then the gongs were brought out! Laying there listening to their wonderful sounds and I could hear singing as well either coming from them or somewhere else, but it was not a person. Things came to me, but I also felt very relaxed. Then it was the closing ceremony with more singing!

I have only described the weekend very briefly and cant really put in words about the experience. There was so much more to it and the wisdom and teachings that were given by word were wonderful too. I feel very privileged I could go there and be with the people I was with. I hope to go again next year and I recommend anyone to try something like this, whether it just be a drumming workshop or just to go for a sweat lodge or even a gong bath! Go Go Go and experience!!

Love and blessings

Charleen xx